New Puppy!

New Puppy!

I’m pretty sure everyone, other than Chandler Bing, like dogs. And loves puppies. They have big puppy dog eyes, ears too big for their body, cute little noses and constantly want attention. They’re adorable, right?!

After the horrific incident of us losing one of our young dogs in a car accident, we decided that we would like a new doggie addition. I’ve always loved having a puppy in the house, they bring so much fun to the family and keep you on your toes (in a good way). So, what did we decide on? Whatever we decided upon we definitely wanted a boy, having two girls already I think Ryan would have outnumbered.

As we already have two doggies; a rescue called Daisy, and Akira, who I have had since she was 8 weeks old. Daisy can be slightly temperamental and Akira hasn’t been spayed (as we don’t feel it is necessary for her – I appreciate everyone’s opinions on this are different). We looked at quite a few dog rehoming options, including adopting a dog from Romania. However, we didn’t meet the requirements, as we both work full time and because Akira wasn’t spayed.

I began to do some research online and went back to the website I found Akira on. I think it’s so important to speak to and visit anyone that you are planning on getting a puppy or any pet from. Especially as there are so many terrible puppy breeders that care very little about the care of their animals.

The family that I got Akira from were lovely, I met them at their home a few times. I was able to meet both Akira’s parents; her mum was a Husky x Malamute and her dad a Golden Retriever. They were both gorgeous and had lovely temperaments. I was able to see Akira on each occasion I visited, which was reassuring as I was able to see how she was growing and how well she was being cared for. Therefore, it was important for us to do the same with this new puppy.

I found an adorable group of puppies on the site and instantly contacted the owner. The lady I spoke to was lovely and suggested we went to visit the puppies as they were already quite a few weeks old. We stayed in contact in the run up to the visit. I was sent regular photos of the puppies and the parents. Again, this is super important as it helps determine the home the puppy is coming from and how they are being cared for.

On our visit we were super excited – even if we ended up just playing with some puppies and not actually taking one home. As soon as we saw them we swooned. We were allowed to hold them and it was extremely difficult to put them back down. Once we had chatted to the owner and she had given us an idea of the personalities that were coming through for each puppy, we were stuck between two. Ryan was holding one, who was super fluffy and a little chunk, and I was holding the other. The little one I was holding was the runt of the litter. I seem to fall for the runts. Akira was the runt of her litter. Anyway, the pup I was holding actually fell asleep on me after licking my nose and nussling me. So, that was that – decision made! We had to take him home.

Puppies are so much fun! However, you always have to remember they’re like children, they need routine and discipline. It’s crucial that in the early stages they learn the basic commands and what behaviours are not acceptable. Otherwise you’re likely to end up with an unrurally and out of control bigger dog. Certain things like, stealing socks, nibbling on your toes, jumping up for attention and trying to nab your leftovers can be cute when you’ve got a puppy that weighs the same as a bag of sugar. But just think, once that tiny ball of cuteness gets to be 20kg+, our puppy was expected to be roughly 25-35kg, it becomes a lot less cute. We created structure; early morning, afternoon and evenings walks, regular feeds, daily short training sessions and lots of socilaising with other dogs (after he had his vaccinations) and people.

Rio, who he is now named, has been such a boost of energy and fun for our family.

I’ll be keeping you guys updated on his progress.


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