I remember when I was 15 and I said to my Mum ‘why would you put a bag of leaves in a cup of boiling water and why on earth do some people then add milk?’ My Mum laughed and said ‘Give it a few more years and you won’t be able to start your day without one’. As usual, my Mum was correct. I can now easily drink 10, yes 10, cups of tea a day. Although my love for tea has blossomed, I still struggle to understand why you would add milk – each to their own though!

So, I’ve been living in the South of England since I was 18, which is when I ventured to the seaside city of Portsmouth to study Criminology and Psychology at University. After I graduated I migrated over to London. I was 21 and enjoyed having lots of options for after-work drinks, Selfridges a short ride away and, at the time, I genuinely loved how busy London always was.

After a few years of living in ‘The Big Smoke’, I began to miss the countryside. I grew up in a small town, surrounded by fields, with cows crossing the road. I realised I needed to get out and find somewhere more rural. As much as I still love London, living there became difficult and I started to feel claustrophobic and anxious. My partner and I now reside in Buckinghamshire, England.

My mental health has been a struggle for me since I was 16, and unfortunately, I’ve had some very low points that gave myself and those around me cause for serious concern. It has definitely been an uphill challenge to be able to say I can finally manage my own mental health. A huge part of wanting to move out of London was to protect myself from falling back into a place where I felt out of control. A place where I knew my wellbeing would be put at risk and I would potentially struggle with my mental health. Living outside of London, for me personally, has definitely helped my wellbeing.

Since moving to Buckinghamshire, another plus is that we are able to have three gorgeous doggies; Akira, Rio and Daisy. If you haven’t already stumbled across a photo or two of them I’m shocked. They take up the majority of my social media. In addition to dogs, I absolutely adore animals. When I was 4 my Mum took me to my first horse riding lesson. I don’t think it was a surprise to any of my family that I took to horse riding like a duck to water. Ever since I

Other than tea and my dogs, I absolutely love travelling. To be honest, most people these days do. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy being at home! However, there is nothing quite like the feeling of experiencing new cultures, eating unusual and authentic foods, meeting new people and having unique experiences that I wouldn’t necessarily have if I always stayed in the same country.